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Angle Trimmed Strip Brush

Soft Conductive Filament Brush

Deep Crimped Wire Strip Brush

Rubber Backed Flexible Brushes

Right Hand Wound Cylinder Brush

Cylinder Brush Mounted on a Custom Shaft

Large Metal Channel Brush with Soft Nylon Filling

Inside Coil Brush for Shaft Cleaning

Staple Set Brush with Threaded Adaptor

Custom Flexible Brush with Light Filling

Flexible V-Belt with Stapled Brush Filaments

Angle Filled Staple Set Brush in Molded Block

Custom Made Epoxy Set Nylon Brush

Safety Stripe Metal Channel Brush

Large Diameter Coil Brush

Staple Set Brush for Cleaning the Bottom, Sides, and Corners of Cylinders, Tubes and Drums

Vonnegut Brushes for Sanding Machinery

Strip Brush Mounted in Anodized Aluminum Holder with Special Mounting Holes

Wire Cleaning and Grounding Inside Coil Brush

Flexible Polypropylene Backed Brush

Special Curved Channel Brush with Square Trim

Formed Oval Shaped Strip Brush

Soft Goat Hair Brush

Open Wound Cylinder Brush Mounted on Special Brush Core

Taper Trim Cylinder Brush

Epoxy Wound Brush with Open Lead

100% Polypropylene Brush (Non-Metal Brush)

Natural Nylon Filament Brush with Custom Brush Holder

Soft Fill Brush with Plastic Backing

Brass Filled Brush with Aluminum Extruded Brush Holder

Metal Channel Brush Mounted in Holder with Special Oval Shaped Punched Hole

Partial Disk Brush for Arrow Rest

Custom Long Pencil Brush with Stiff Wire Filling

Stainless Steel Wire Brush with Stainless Steel Metal Channel

Special Formed Metal Channel Strip Brush

Concave Trimmed Strip Brush

Custom Hand Held Brush Set

Brass Filled Custom Industrial Strip Brush

Miniature Twisted in Wire Brush

Special Formed Helical Wound

Custom Made Anti-Static Hand Held Brush

Industrial Brush for Cleaning

Partial Inside Disk Brush

Inside Curve Brush for Industrial Use

Partial Outside Curve Brush with Anti-Static Nylon

Heavy Duty Outside Curve Brush

Small Staple Set Cylinder Brush with Horse Hair Filling

Staple Set Wheel Brush for Custom Industrial Brush Application

Unique Brush with Custom Made Brush Core

Special Shaft with Epoxy Wound Nylon Brush

Large Diameter Outside Curve Strip Brush

Industrial Strip Brush with Wire Filling

Custom Long Trim Metal Channel Strip Brush

Cylinder Brush for Custom Brush Application

Formed Angle Strip Brush

Half Disk Special Wire Brush

Industrial Brush with Silicon Carbide Impregnated Nylon Filaments

Soft Custom Brush with Special Blended Filling

Metal Channel Cup Style Brush

Cylinder brush with Soft Filament and Large Diameter

Coiled Cylinder Brush with Short Stiff Filaments

Stainless Steel Wound Brush with Nylon Filling

Epoxy and String Wound Cylinder Brush

Cylinder Brush with Mounting Clips

Grommet Seal Brush for Cable Management

Stainless Steel Strip Brush

Staple Set Brush with Wire Mix and Angle Trim

Small Diameter Cylinder Brush

Short Trim Outside Disk Brush

Filaments Epoxy Set into Metal Core Wheel Brush

Safety Strip Brush with Yellow and Black Filament

Notched and Curved Custom Strip Brush

Large Notched Can Curved Strip Brush

Custom Notched Metal Channel Strip Brush

Formed Rectangle Shaped Brush

Wire Pencil Brush with Spring Wrap for Stiffness

Abrasive Grit Wheel Brush with Plastic Hub

Horse Hair Outside Disk Brush

Soft Hair Wheel Brush

Small Coiled Strip Brush

Flexible Strip Brushes

Metal Channel Strip Brush Channel Sizes

Strip Brushes with EPDM Insert

Brush Seal with Rubber Insert

Coil Brush for Oil and Gas Wells

Multi-Colored Striped Coil Brush

Large Diameter Inside Disk Brush with Wire Filling

Large Tooth Brush

Staple Set Spiral Shaped Brush

Oval Shaped Brush with Motched Trim

Single Row Staple Set Brush with Square Corner Trim

Soft Anti-Static Rotary Brush

Soft Conductive Filament Brush

Half Round Staple Set Brush with Special Connector Block

Stiff Firm Staple Set Brush

Round Ball Shaped Staple Set Brush

Staple Set Disk Brush

Round Dense Filled Flat Brush

Twisted in Wire Wisk Style Brush

Twisted Brush with Handle

Twisted Brush with Blank Stem Ends

Oval Shaped Vacuum Brush

Square Dense Filled Block Brush

Bronze Brush for Cleaning Pipe

Hand Held Horse Hair Brush

Stepped Staple Brush with Stem Mounting

Hand Held Wire Stiff Brush

Ball Shaped Brush

Pencil Style Brush with Threaded Connector

Stiff Filament Strip Brush

Wire Staple Set Brush with Threaded Connector

Short Trim Wire Brush

Copper Center Wheel Brush with Keyed Bushing

Wire Drawn Brush with Stem Mount

Soft Carbon Filled End Brush with Tapered Block

Special Filled Stapled Brush

Small Staple Set End Brush with Tapered Block

Special Filled Mold with One Tuft Brush

Short Trim End Brush

Very Short Trim Molded Block Brush with Rubber Gasket

Angle Filled Wire Drawn Brush on Small Shaft

Angle Trimmed Twisted in Wire Brush

Block and Natural Color Strip Brushes

V Trim Cup Brush

Epoxy Wound Brush

Rubber Backed Flexible Brushes

Square Trim Coil Brush with Helix

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