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Precision Brush has been providing our customers with custom brush products for many years. Over time, some things have changed—there have been advancements with our facilities, our automated equipment and even the bristle materials we use. But one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to making you the best custom brush possible.

Easy-to-Use Brush Design Sheets

The most popular custom brushes include metal straight strip brushes in many shapes and styles, twisted-in-wire brushes and staple set brushes. We have simplified the custom brush design process for these brushes and others with our easy-to-use design sheets. These original sheets have become so popular that they have actually been adopted by other brush companies around the world and used as their own. These sheets guide our customers through the design process, collecting all of the information we will need to provide a quote on your particular custom-designed brush. If required we can also duplicate existing brushes that are hard to find or that have been discontinued! Whether it’s from specifications, a drawing, or even just an old brush—send it to us for immediate attention.

Choose Your Brush Fillings

Filament selection may be the most important part of designing your custom brush and Precision Brush has hundreds of brush fillings to choose from. You can select natural filament bristle material, like horse hair or tampico, or synthetic material, like nylon or polypropylene. Of course, if you need something more aggressive, Precision Brush offers stainless steel, high carbon steel, low carbon steel, brass, bronze, titanium wire as well as abrasive nylon materials.

Getting Your Quote

Once we have all of the required specifications we can send you pricing. We pride ourselves in our quick quoting capabilities, using our proprietary software that enables us to efficiently quote unique brushes. Once the brush has been quoted an order can be placed by phone, fax or email, in addition to our online reorder form on our web site.

NOTE: Precision Brush Company is committed to manufacturing practices that ensure the highest level of product confidentiality. We work with many inventors and designers who rely on our brush expertise to assist them with their brushing solutions, while keeping their specific applications confidential.

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