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Cup Brush

This custom made round brush starts off as a straight strip brush that is formed into a circle with the filaments pointing down. Typically, they are then placed in a holder of some sort for use with their intended application.

Most commonly, cup brushes are used as industrial brushes for vacuuming, sand blasting, and shot blasting. They are also sometimes used as a shroud around a drill press or in CNC machinery to keep debris from flying out of the part that’s being machined.

With sand and shot blasting, two cup brushes are often used to create a good seal. The tool shoots sand onto the surface, and then suction happens at the same time to remove the loose sand or shot. As the tool goes over uneven parts of the product — such as rivets, a bolt head, or contours in the product — the cup brush keeps debris from shooting out all over the place.

As custom brush manufacturers, we’ve also seen some more unique cup brush applications over the years. We had a request for cup brushes to go around factory cart wheels to keep debris from getting stuck in them. Another request came in for a cup brush to hold products in place for painting and keep the paint from spraying out beyond the designated application area.

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