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Custom Design a Straight Channel Strip Brush

Custom Design a Straight Channel Strip Brush

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Straight Strip Brush

Straight strip brushes — also known as strip brushes, channel brushes, and metal channel strip brushes — are linear brushes that consist of a center wire, a metal channel, and brush filaments.

These brushes can be custom designed to be anywhere from one inch long to as large as 10, 12, or even 14 feet — any shippable size. As needed, we can even custom design a special crate for shipping larger brushes.

Filament trim can be very short or very long, ranging from approximately 3/8 inch up to around 8 inches. The brush size and trim combinations are practically endless.

Our unique, custom made brushes are used across a variety of industries for a wide assortment of applications. From small anti-static brushes used in the printing industry, to medium-sized conveyor brushes used to keep products moving in a single direction, to large brush seals used on doors to keep out the elements, and countless applications in between, we are an American brush manufacturer that prides ourselves on providing just the right brush for your unique purposes.

With brush applications limited only by your imagination, the Precision Brush team is on hand to design a custom brush to your desired specifications. We’ve even designed brushes for secret or proprietary applications!

Start your custom brush design now by completing the form below. If you’d like support from one of our experts, just give us a call.

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