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Cylinder Brush Mounting Shaft

Cylinder brushes mounted on a shaft share many of the same end use applications as regular cylinder brushes. They are ideal for cleaning applications and preparing or wiping surfaces. For example, these brushes are commonly used in the printing industry, lawn care maintenance, manufacturing of bricks and glass, and food and vegetable cleaning and processing.

If you need a cylinder brush that is ready to use right out of the box, you may elect to design and order one that is pre-mounted on a shaft. This enables you to take it out of the box, put bearings on it, and put it right into your machine without having to mount the brush yourself beforehand.

Some shafts are simple disposable cords or pipes, but others can be expensive and are quite intricately machined. At Precision Brush, we’re able to use your existing shaft if available and build a new brush around it. We can also create new shafts to your specifications. The idea here is for you to be able to replace the brush portion as it wears out over time while being able to keep and reuse the shaft whenever possible.

Start your custom brush design now by completing the form below. If you’d like support from one of our experts, just give us a call.

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