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Flexible Strip Brushes

Precision Brush Company offers flexible strip brushes that come in cut lengths or on a continuous roll and can be used with or without our aluminum brush holders. Our flexible strip brushes conform to contours and shapes that typical metal-backed brush cannot address. These brushes use high-quality polypropylene filament and a polypropylene backing.

  • Easy installation: because of its flexibility, assembly and installation in many applications is much easier
  • Greater design options: the ability to conform to contours and shapes provides many variations to choose from
  • Reduced weight: up to 40% lower weight compared to metal-backed strip brushes, allowing for use in weight-critical applications
  • Continuous brush with even density: With a continuous roll the brush can be cut on site to the exact length required with no gaps
  • Resistance against corrosion and chemicals: 100% synthetic with no metal parts avoids corrosion and improves chemical resistance
  • Easy transport, storage and handling: non-bulky and lighter weight, making them easier to ship, store and process

Staple set flexible strip brushes from Precision Brush Company are made from extruded flexible thermoplastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene or nylon. The range of shapes, applications and brush configurations are only limited by your imagination. While a single row of tufts is most common, custom sizes and configurations are also available. The selection of fill material can also be customized to meet your unique brush requirements.

Applications for flexible strip brushes are: skirting, sight seal, splash guard, support strips, wire management, positioning, restraining and protection.


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