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A metal channel brush is a brush consisting of natural or synthetic bristles held securely in place by a U-shaped metal channel and a center wire. The metal channel is first formed from flat steel into a "U". The filaments are also folded into a "U" shape with a center wire lying at the bottom of the formed filaments. The filaments and center wire are inserted into the metal channel just before the metal channel is squeezed tightly, securing the filaments and creating a "Metal Channel Strip Brush". We are also able to form this basic design into many shapes such as cylinders, cups, disks, and ovals. Learn more about metal channel brushes here or watch our video.

Staple set brushes feature a series of individually grouped filaments, known as tufts, secured into a block of wood or plastic. This is a very common style of brush, but with our unique processes we can easily manufacture custom sizes and patterns. When we manufacture a staple set brush, we first manufacture or obtain the blocks. Custom sizes and shapes can be made with CNC equipment or sometimes the blocks can be injection molded. A pattern of holes is drilled into the blocks, then the tufts of fill material are secured into each hole using a staple. Learn more about staple set brushes here or watch our video.

Twisted-in-wire brushes are commonly referred to by our customers as "twisted brushes," "tube brushes," "bottle brushes," "pipe brushes," "spiral brushes," and "power or internal cleaning brushes." They are suitable for both handheld use and for use in power tools, including drills, drill presses and CNC machining centers. Twisted-in-wire brushes are made by placing bristle material between stem wires and then twisting the stem wires tightly, which secures the filament. We offer many options for each end of the brush - cut ends, rounded tip, bristled tip, rings or loop ends as well as attached plastic or steel tubes, threaded coupling, hex-shank or a wide variety of handles. Learn more about twisted in wire brushes here or watch our video.

Pencil Brushes are mostly used in hand held cleaning of parts, but can also be motorized. The configuration is a stem, with filaments secured and extending from one or both ends. A metal tube is the most common stem with filaments swagged or clamped into the tube by squeezing the metal. We can also use epoxy to secure the filament which allows us to use other tubes such as plastics or even fiberglass. Learn more about pencil/end brushes here or watch our video.

Epoxy wound cylinder brushes are manufactured by feeding filament between epoxy-coated strings. This unique brush design enables filaments to be uniformly distributed across the brush surface to provide consistent filament contact. By adjusting our filament feeding mechanism, we can also manufacture tufted cylinder brushes enabling us to create unique designs and patterns such as open spiral designs and herringbone patterns. Epoxy wound cylinder brushes can be balanced to a specific RPM. The Integral Core Design is a complete brush and core assembly manufactured with a shaft, which can be customized to accept your bearings, drives, locking nuts, etc. Learn more about epoxy wound brushes here or watch our video.

A Wire Drawn Brush is hand made. Each tuft is sewn into the block using a wire that pulls the brush filling into the machined hole. This type of brush is used when any brush filling loss is critical. It is also used when the brush block is metal since stapling is not possible into metal. Learn more about wire drawn brushes here or watch our video.
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