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Precision Brush Company’s stem brushes, also referred to as End Brushes, can be used on portable air and electric tools where balance is critical, as in CNC machining centers and robotic use and automated machinery. Manufactured with 1/4” mounting shanks, they can be quickly installed in chucks or collets and are designed to work where space limitations are a factor.

Stem mounted brushes are ideal for polishing, deburring and cleaning metal surfaces. They also work well for cross-hole deburring, blending tool marks and breaking sharp edges.


  • Removing Rust or scale
  • Removing Weld Scale and Spatter
  • Burr Removal
  • Rubber Flash Removal
  • Deburring or Flash Removal
  • Cleaning and Finishing Recessed Areas
  • Rubber and Plastic Mold Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning or Facing
  • Removal of Slag
  • Cleaning Castings
  • Cleaning Pipe I.D.
  • Cleaning of Dies
  • Pipeline Cleaning

Fill materials include: steel, stainless steel, brass and abrasive nylon

Safety Requirements:Operators must, at all times, observe common safety practices, such as wearing goggles, keeping machine guards in place, observing all speed restrictions, wearing appropriate protective clothing and comply with ANS-B165.1 - 1979 "Safety Requirements For The Design, Care And Use Of Power Driven Brushing Tools."

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