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Copper Center Wheel Brushes

Copper Center Wheel brushes are manufactured using a copper tube, brush filament and a steel ring or washer. The filament is placed evenly around the outside of a copper tube. The washer is placed over the filament and, using a punch press, the tube is then formed into a “U” shape around the washer. This secures the filament, which is then trimmed to the proper outside diameter.

Brass is recommended in non-sparking environments. Urethane Encapsulated are also available for wire.

Safety Requirements:Operators must, at all times, observe common safety practices, such as wearing goggles, keeping machine guards in place, observing all speed restrictions, wearing appropriate protective clothing and comply with ANS-B165.1 - 1979 "Safety Requirements For The Design, Care And Use Of Power Driven Brushing Tools."


Copper Center Wheel brushes are available with Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass (for non- sparking applications) Nylon, Abrasive Nylon Horse Hair and Tampico filaments.

Ideal for the following applications:

  • thread cleaning
  • edge blending and finishing
  • cleaning and polishing
  • removing rust, scale and carbon
  • cleaning boiler tubes
  • aerospace and nuclear applications
  • cleaning molds, dies and extruder barrels

Copper Center Wheels can be used individually or mounted side-by-side for a wider brush face. For wire stripping devices, two brushes can be mounted and programmed to rotate in opposite directions within close proximity. No matter what the application, high-speed operation is necessary for most effective use.

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