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The First Brush Company to Accept Bitcoin?

By Precision Brush
March 14, 2019 Category: General

Precision Brush Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments In a bold move to make payments easier than ever no matter where you are in the world, Precision Brush is now accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Opening the doorway for cryptocurrency payments gives overseas customers an important money-saving alternative to traditional payments such as wire transfers or credit cards, which can have steep fees. Were excited to be leading the brush manufacturing industry in creating a new set of secure, easy-payment solutions for our customers, says Precision Brush President Jim Benjamin. A Quick Cryptocurrency Primer Wikipedia defines cryptocurrency as a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Basically, its: Digital money created and exchanged via software coding An exchange of currency that occurs outside of any governmental

How To Choose a Filament?

By Precision Brush
October 15, 2018 Category: Custom Brushes

Whats the Best Filament for Your Application? If you can think of a use for a brush, we can probably create it for you. But what kind of filament should you choose? This decision begins with analyzing your desired application. Is the brush going to be in contact with chemicals? Will it be used in a dry or wet application? Will the brush be used in extremely high or low temperatures? Is the brush going to be moving? Are other elements going to be moving against the brush? Does it need to bend, or is it stationary? Will it be used aggressively, as in scrubbing, or more gently, such as in guiding parts along a conveyor? Precision Brush has created design sheets to help you answer these and other application questions in order to create the ideal brush for your purposes. As you follow along and answer the questions, the design sheet guides you to a determination of the brush specifications we recommend. Your answers to these questions will help determine filament diameter, length,

Choose a Brush Company That is Responsive

By Precision Brush
July 17, 2018 Category: General

Precision Brush Is Responsive to Customers, Vendors, and Each Other At Precision Brush, we have four core values that shape the way we do business. One of those core values is being responsive. We want to create positive, successful relationships that we can carry down the line to everyone we interact with, and a big part of achieving that is responding proactively with respect and timeliness whenever the need arises. We react quickly and positively with interest and enthusiasm. This core value manifests in similar but unique ways across our companys three main relationship groups: Our Customers When customers come to us with questions, comments, or a need for a quick quote, we respond quickly and respectfully. Its important to us to make sure were meeting customer expectations on everything from product quality to delivery dates, and that starts with responsive communication. Our Vendors We partner with our vendors to get our products out into the world. When vendors have questions

Our Top 7 Strangest and Most Unique Brush Applications (#4 Is Out of This World)

By Precision Brush
November 28, 2017 Category: Brushes, Brush Applications

When you think about brushes, you probably think of some of the common ones you see throughout your daily routine. Maybe your first thoughts are bristles of a broom or a pipe cleaner. Or a paint brush, toothbrush or make-up brush, but have you ever thought about Stranger Brush applications? Did You Know? Without brushes, Leonardo Da Vincis $450,000,000 Salvator Mundi would have been a finger painting...and it probably wouldnt be worth as much as it is now. As a top brush manufacturer, we know about all the crazy uses you would never think about from a brush perspective. Everything is made of many parts to function properly and you want each piece down to the screws to be top-quality or it may fall apart. You dont want that to happen or you may end up in the upside down. Trust us, brushes are all around you in the coolest, strangest places. Today, were going to share 8 of our favorite strange and unique brush applications. Youll learn about the different people, machines and environments

Custom Packing Leads to Better Quality Brushes

By Precision Brush
October 25, 2017 Category: Brushes, Packaging, Precision Pride

Shipping nationally and internationally can often lead to bruised packages and damaged goods. At Precision Brush, we ship everywhere and we custom pack our brushes to ensure the best quality for you. Industrial brushes are everywhere and for good reason - theyre useful! Weve been creating custom brushes since 1951 and over that time, we have heard thousands of ways our custom brushes have been used. Thanks to our team of dedicated engineers, weve been able to craft brushes for years across multiple industries, making our high-quality products available anywhere in the world. Shipping affects the product We deliver brushes nationally and overseas, and put as much time and care into their custom packaging as we do into their actual design. Its no secret to us that shipping can take its toll on delicate brushes. One good drop or a misplacement under some heavier boxes could leave you with a bent or broken brush. The filaments could become distorted and, in many cases, irreparable, thus

5 Reasons why Brush Manufacturing is Coming Back to the USA

By Precision Brush
September 12, 2017 Category: General

Business is looking up for made-in-America products. Many of the products that were formerly made in China are making their way back to USA production. One such industry that is making a comeback is that of brush manufacturing, which includes vacuum brushes, snow brush sweeps, and custom brushes. This is good news for the American worker and for those purchasing items. Americans can take pride in purchasing items made by their own country. In addition, purchasing products made in the USA is an investment in your own community. Why is the brush manufacturing finding a home is America once again? Here are five reasons you will be seeing the made in America seal on more products from the brush manufacturing industry. Quality Matters People desire the quality of a well-made brush. No one wants to purchase anything made with cheap materials and cheap labor, because, lets face it, it just wont hold up over time. When manufacturers use quality material and talented workers to produce their

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Precision Brush

By Precision Brush
July 27, 2017 Category: General

There are many options out there when it comes to industrial brushes, but they may still be lacking. You may find that the traditional brushes dont fit your specific needs. Its important to have the brush you need for the job and this involves the ability to design your own brushes. Precision Brush allows you this freedom and there are many benefits in utilizing this company for your industrial brush needs. The Top Five Reasons to Choose Precision Brush 1. Custom Designs One of the greatest reasons to work with Precision Brush is the ability to choose custom designs for your industrial brushes. This company is able to customize nearly every aspect of an industrial brush. This includes bristle length, brush length, coarseness, stiffness, fill material, density and base materials. You will be able to design the exact brush needed for what you need it to do. 2. Personal Attention Precision Brush will work with you to help you find the industrial brushes you need. This company offers

57th Annual Golf Tournament Brings Top Brush Names to Cleveland

By Admin
June 29, 2017 Category: General

This year, the 57th annual Victor F. Miller Golf Tournament welcomed brush manufacturers and suppliers from all across the world to Cleveland, OH. More than 65 representatives from the United States of America (USA) and other nations gathered at the Shaker Heights Country Club for the exciting event hosted by the Mill-Rose Company in honor of Victor F. Miller, the former president of the company. Precision Brush was among the many local attendees. Cleveland is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the USA experiencing an expedited growth lately. It is only fitting that the masterminds of the brush industry got together in this city to discuss further prospects and the twists and turns in the economy that are affecting the industry, before going off for a golf match. Industries across the world use custom-made brushes for a variety of purposes.Custom brushes have an extensive number of applications that can always be tweaked and expanded as new methods and strategies arise. While

A Brush With History

By Admin
May 16, 2017 Category: A Brush With History, ABMA 100th Anniversary

Credit to The City of Durango for the Video Recently the American Brush Manufacturers Association celebrated its 100th anniversary. With the help of the Durango Arts Centers David Carr, Maureen May and Sandra Butler wanted to create a piece of art to commemorate the occasion. After some thought they settled on a sculpture of a carousel in honor of all of the horse hair that has been such a part of brushes for so long. Once the design was settled on and the concepts were drawn out they researched the types of brushes made by the American Brush Manufactures hundreds of brush making companies. With hundreds of brush styles to choose from they set about the daunting task of laying out sketches of brush horses for their project.With the donations from business like Precision Brushand many others they had all the brushes they needed. Everything from antique brushes to paint brushes and brooms were donated to create this work of art. The team tried to use every single type of donated brush

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the American Brush Manufacturing Association

By Admin
April 18, 2017 Category: General

The brush industry is in a bit of an upswing right now, which means that there is only one place that it can go: higher. Whether its making brushes for tools or household products, the industry is certainly seeing a wave of innovation and profitability. As globalization continues to drive the market, brush manufacturers are seeing much more competition these days. Overall, the industry looks solid, with the future seeming bright. One organization that is helping to drive this move forward is the American Brush Manufacturing Association (ABMA). Since its inception, the group has been committed to helping brush makers of all shapes and sizes succeed. In fact, this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the ABMAs foundation, which is an incredible achievement in itself. Weve come a long way from making brushes of animal hair and bristles, and the ABMA has been around to see such revolutions and innovations take place. So how is the ABMA celebrating its centennial? Well, by having a massive

How Brushes Are Used in Industries Around the World

By Admin
March 14, 2017 Category: General

Almost every industry imaginable uses custom-made brushes for a variety of purposes. Within such fields as diverse as food preparation, maintenance, construction, and manufacturing, brushes of different shapes and various materials are essential. Its an often-overlooked fact, but brushes manufactured by companies are used to create solutions for specific business needs. Custom brushes have an extensive number of applications that can always be tweaked and expanded as new methods and strategies arise. For example, businesses that need to apply a liquid or malleable product need custom brushes to do so. Brushes can be used as augers for moving a product, as well as for numerous types of cleaning: conveyor belts and systems, pans, glass, and various other surfaces. Because there are different fiber thicknesses and materials that can be used to make the brush, a custom brush can clean even the most delicate of objects. Businesses located outdoors can use brushes as a barrier for birds and

Learn How a Brush Helped Repair and Restore the Costa Concordia

By Admin
January 17, 2017 Category: Brush News

Do you remember the Costa Concordia? It was the Italian cruise liner that capsized and sank when it struck underwater rocks off the Tuscan coast in 2012. It was restored with a painstaking process that required the use of special brushes. Take a look at how it was done. The brush The brush that was used to help with the repair and restoration of the Costa Concordia was a Twisted in Wire brush that had small abrasive balls that are permanently affixed to flexible filaments. This brush has a long history of having a variety of applications including automated metal finishing to maintenance and repair efforts. Repairing and restoring the ship The first step in repairing and restoring the ship was to make sure the vessel could not drift into deeper water. The hull was secured to the land with steel cables. Then, workers built a platform and placed it underwater to hold the ship in place. They then used hollow tanks that were filled with seawater, which would enable to ship to be pulled

Brush with Life: Precision Brush takes on the Burning Man

By Admin
September 22, 2016 Category: , General

If you ever find yourself in the Nevada desert between the end of August and the beginning of September, you may discover that youre not alone. Deep in the Black Rock Desert, the festival Burning Man is held every year as a celebration of life, love, and creativity. Since its inception, the festival has only grown more and more popular as its themes of art, selflessness, and community pervade the world around us. Everyone who attends is encouraged to contribute something to the event, and we can think of no more fitting way to lend a hand then with a brush.In addition to better janitorial services, artists and sculptors can make use of all our brushes to make some of the many installations that are part of the festival. There are brushes on RVs to help keep the dust down as well as brushes used to mark art placement on the playa. There have been giant brushes to mark public restrooms and countless uses of brushes on the amazing art that is displayed there. One of the pieces this year

Understanding Filament Thickness

By Brian Pritchard
August 09, 2016 Category: General

Filament Measurement Reflects Brush Purposing Every brush is built with a unique purpose in mind, and the filament that constitutes the brush itself can be made at a variety of thicknesses to match the end use. This measurement is called the filament diameterthe thickness of an individual piece of filament. Two main tools are used to take such small measurements: micrometers and calipers. A caliper makes use of two sliding scales with different spacings between their markings to take the measurement, while a micrometer has two jaws that close by way of a screw and translate the measurement to an attached meter. The range of filaments for most brushes generally ranges from .003 .05 of an inch. To get a better idea of what different filament sizes look and feel like, consider these familiar examples: A standard soft toothbrush has filament that typically measures around .006 of an inch. A typical paintbrush you would use to paint your house employs filaments measuring around .012 of

Interbrush Trade Fair Returns to Germany

By Brian Pritchard
June 14, 2016 Category: General

Precision Brush Travels to Europe for Industry Tradeshow Every four years in the town of Freiburg in southwest Germany, the broom, brush, paint roller and mop industries come together to share ideas, new technologies and good company. The Interbrush tradeshow event attracts more than 7,500 industry leaders from around the globe. Precision Brush President Jim Benjamin attended this years event along with more than 300 American brush-making manufacturers. The three-day event went from April 27 29 this year, and Benjamin participated as a board member for the American Brush Manufacturers Association, supporting their booth at the show and an after-party celebration on one of the event nights. Its a networking opportunity where brush suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world can come together and meet other industry professionals, shared Benjamin. I got to connect with some old industry friends and meet some newcomers, as well. -- To learn more about Precision Brush

Jim Benjamin Serves as President of Cleveland EO Chapter

By Brian Pritchard
June 09, 2016 Category: General

Local Leader Helps Build Local and Worldwide Business Community Cleveland, Ohio brush manufacturer Precision Brush was founded by Lloyd Benjamin in 1951. In 1987, his son Jim Benjamin started at the company and worked his way through sales and management until he became company President. These days, Jim works to build business connections with both local companies and those all over the world through his participation in EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization. EOs purpose is to engage the worlds top entrepreneurs in learning and growing from interaction with each other, personally and professionally. It is an invitation-only group with the qualification that participating members must be the owner or founder of a business with a minimum of one million dollars in annual sales. The organization has 155 chapters spanning 48 countries and more than 11,000 members. Jim Benjamin is the President of the Cleveland, Ohio chapter. Personal and Professional Growth Jim Benjamins work in

Top 5 Unusual Brush Applications

By Brian Pritchard
June 06, 2016 Category: Brushes, Brush Types

People Use a Brush for THAT?! Youve seen paint brushes and grill brushes, snow brushes and hair brushes but there is a whole world out there filled with people, items and devices that make use of just the right kind of brush to get their designated jobs done properly. Here are a few examples of some of the most unique brush applications we have seen here at Precision Brush! Space: All sorts of equipment used by people and machines working in space require brushes, from cleaning brushes to door seal brushes, but did you know that NASAs Mars rover Curiosity made use of a dust removal wire-bristle brush to clear off some of the areas it was examining? ATMs: ATMs use antistatic brushes to protect the internal machinery from outside contaminants when you insert your debit card. Surgery: Have you heard of scrubbing in? This is what surgeons must do before entering the surgery room. There are specialized surgical scrub brushes that are designed to remove dirt from the hands, even

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