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Artist paint brushes are the most important tool a painter uses. They are available in various longer handle lengths for easel work or short handle brushes that are most often used when working at a table and for watercolors.

Precision Brush Company’s artist brushes work well with most mediums including oils, acrylics, decorative, faux finishing, lettering oriental and watercolor. Their design and manufacture demands precision, patience and skill, to meet the precise requirements of artists, who recognize the importance of high quality brushes made in traditional shapes and sizes

Black Bristle Fitch

Black bristle fitch brushes are not as soft as sable brushes but softer than hog bristle. They are ideal brushes for subtle blending and glazing. The wood handle is thicker towards the bristle tips which provides for a nicely balanced brush.

artist brush, Black Bristle Fitch Black Bristle Fitch

Camel Hair Flat and Round Brushes

Camel hair flat lacquering brushes with seamless aluminum ferrule and black wood handle. Material is very absorbent and works well with liquid paints, inks and dyes. Excellent for touch-up work.

Camel Hair Glaze Flat Artist Brush Camel Hair Glaze Flat Camel Hair Round, Precision Brush Co. Camel Hair Round

Dome Duster

Dome Duster brushes also know as mop brushes are excellent for delicately removing dust and dirt without scratching surfaces. They work very well for lens cleaning. They also work well for artists blending and softening both oil and acrylic paints.

Dome Duster, Precision Brush  Co. Dome Duster

Ox Hair Flat Glaze Brushes

Black sable ox hair stroke brushes with seamless aluminum ferrule and orange polished handle. Quality material that has a soft texture and holds fluid colors for a sharp stroke.

Ox Hair Flat Glaze Brushes Ox Hair Flat Glaze Brushes

Red Sable Detail and Round Brushes

Red sable marking brushes with seamless aluminum ferrule and walnut color lacquered handle. Quality material that has a soft texture and shape enabling brush to hold fluid colors. Excellent for detail work due to needle sharp point.

Red Sable Detail Artist Brush Red Sable Detail Red Sable Round Red Sable Round

Taklon White Flat and Round

White taklon brushes with seamless aluminum ferrule and unfinished wood handle. Taklon is a tapered nylon material to provide an even flow. Ideal for acrylics.

White Taklon Flat, Artist Brush White Taklon Flat White Taklon Round, Precision Brush Co. White Taklon Round


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