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Epoxy Wound Cylinder Brush with Integral Core Design and Stub Shaft

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Cylinder Brush with Integral Core

Instead of a metal channel strip brush that is wound around a shaft, the cylinder brush with integral core is an epoxy wound brush, also known as a string wound brush — one that has filaments attached using strings covered in epoxy glue.

A series of strings pass through the epoxy glue, then those strings are wrapped around a shaft one on top of the other. One string winds around the shaft, then the next string winds around that string, and so on in a process that carries this winding out simultaneously. Filaments are placed between the strings and secured in place by the epoxy.

The epoxy wound brush is then cured overnight and the filaments are bonded in place.  Each filament securely extends straight out of the brush and is not mechanically held around a center wire as are metal channel brushes.

The integral core refers to a brush that is ready to go, right out of the box. The shaft consists of stub ends that fit directly into your machine’s bearings. The stubs don’t go all the way through the brush, leaving the center hollow. For larger, heavier brushes, this core type is a better way to go so you don’t have a lot of weight in the center of the brush as it’s moving around. Cylinder brushes with an integral core may also be preferred for higher rpm applications, as they are more easily balanced to prevent wobbling.

These brushes are available in a wide variety of customer specifications, and cores can also be sent in for rewrapping.

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