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Staple Set Cylinder Brush

Staple set cylinder brushes are crafted using a cylinder that has holes drilled into it in a particular pattern (determined by the requirements of the application). Filaments are stuffed into those holes in a U shape, and there is a staple that goes over the bottom of the folded filaments securing the filaments to the cylinder.

A small quantity of these specialty brushes may be crafted by hand at our custom brush manufacturing facilities, and we can use our automated manufacturing equipment to produce large quantities, as well.

Some specialty applications might require a unique filament pattern for instance a very lightly filled brush, an auger pattern or straight rows with unique spacing.  They have a plastic core and may be the right choice when a lighter weight cylinder brush is needed.

Start your custom brush design now by completing the form below. If you’d like support from one of our experts, just give us a call.

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