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Design a Outside Curve Brush

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Outside Curve Brush

An outside curve brush can be thought of as a small section of a round brush or outside disk brush.

We tend to receive specialty brush manufacturing requests for these custom made brushes from our clients in the printing industry, though they can certainly be used for any application you can imagine for them.

For example, outside curve brushes are good for gently wiping or holding product, sealing a round gap, holding materials back, or wiping out the bottom of a pipe.

These brushes are typically small, though some in the printing industry can be larger.

Outside curve brushes are sometimes used as a closeout to hide gaps in a conveyor as it goes around a curve. The conveyor might have straight strip brushes on both sides, utilizing an outside curve brush when a bend in the conveyor path is required.

Start your custom brush design now by completing the form below. If you’d like support from one of our experts, just give us a call.

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