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Open Wound Coil Brush

An open wound coil brush is a cylinder brush that is wound in an open fashion, with purposeful gapping — anything from a very small gap between the loops to a very substantial gap.

Often times, this specialty brush is used to move product like an auger. As it moves, the brush creates something like a “barber pole” effect, where it moves along in a particular direction, such as for directing product into a trough or along a conveyor.

Sometimes, a “right hand” and “left hand” open wound coil brush will be used to move product towards the center of a conveyor.

These custom brushes are usually not used in aggressive brushing applications since they are made with less filament than a regular cylinder brush. Instead, they are typically crafted for use in applications such as light preparation; agitation to clean, move, or dust a product; or to clean molds.

In the rubber industry, a soft enough filament can be utilized so as to roll the product gently during manufacturing without tearing it (i.e., when creating the rolled cuff on rubber gloves). Open wound coil brushes are ideal for gently cleaning or moving product.

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