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Cylinder Brush

Also known as a rotary brush or coil brush, a cylinder brush is a tubular-looking brush made from a metal channel strip brush that is wound around a mandrel. Brushes of this type are most often used in cleaning applications, or those involved in preparing or wiping surfaces.

Cylinder brushes can be constructed to provide very soft filament contact or very aggressive contact. Filament selection is a large part of what determines how soft or aggressive the brush will be, and with a huge array of filament choices, the end use for your custom brush would be the determining factor.

Our one-of-a-kind, custom made cylinder brushes are used for applications in the printing industry, lawn care maintenance, manufacturing of bricks and glass, and food and vegetable cleaning and processing. Cylinder brushes provide more filament contact than straight strip brushes, which can be a great benefit for more aggressive cleaning applications; this gives the brush more of a chance to do its intended job.

The inside diameter of a cylinder brush can come down as low as about 3/8 inch, and the outside diameter can be as large as about 12 inches. Your cylinder brush base can be as small as about 1/2 of an inch or as large as about 10 feet long.

Wherever you find processed materials, you are likely to find materials that need to be cleaned, wiped, or prepared for a secondary or additional process. We create specialty brushes to help you accomplish this. Custom made cylinder brushes can also be used as rollers to move products along.

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