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Cylinder brushes are also referred to as “coil Brushes”, “rotary brushes”, or “spiral brushes”, and are made by winding a straight metal channel strip brush around a mandrel or core in order to obtain the required inside brush diameter. The cylinder brush can be supplied as a “loose coil” for the customer to mount on their equipment, or it can be equipped with a shaft as a complete unit. Our stock cylinder brushes have a dense brush face, a 16 gauge steel tube with collar ends and can be easily mounted to a 1” steel shaft. Our stock open wound cylinder brushes are manufactured with a pitch between each coil and can be used with our conveyor mounting kits.

Applications for cylinder brushes include cleaning conveyor belting and chain, debris removal, material transporting, product positioning, panel dusting, glass washing, screen cleaning, material handling (as screws and augers), lint removal and fruit and vegetable washing.

Unless otherwise specified, all cylinder brushes will be made as right hand wound coils. Left hand wound coils are also available.


Safety Requirements:Operators must, at all times, observe common safety practices, such as wearing goggles, keeping machine guards in place, observing all speed restrictions, wearing appropriate protective clothing and comply with ANS-B165.1 - 1979 "Safety Requirements For The Design, Care And Use Of Power Driven Brushing Tools."

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