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Transportation and Mass Transit Brushes

Precision Brush; Transportation and Mass Transit BrushesPrecision Brush; Transportation and Mass Transit BrushesTransportation and mass transit brushes are often used on doors and people movers at airports, bus stations, and passenger rail stations. They are also used on vehicle doors to seal gaps and prevent weather, airflow, or moisture from entering as well as to provide temperature control. Additionally, these brushes are used on the exterior of vehicles to prevent moisture spray back or to keep debris from kicking up away from wheels and damaging property or causing injury.

Common transportation brush and mass transit brush uses include:

  • Moving walkways
  • Escalators
  • Rotating doors
  • Bus doors seals
  • Train door seals
  • Subway door seals
  • Skyway door seals
  • Automated people mover door seals
  • Underground train seals
  • Transit system door seals
  • Skytrain door seals
  • Train platform gap seals
  • Airport people mover door seals
  • Semi-truck road spray suppression
  • Truck wheel well spray suppression
  • Semi-truck road spray suppression
  • Hide and seal power lift gate mechanisms
  • Gap seal for emergency brakes
  • Seat hinge seals
  • Vibration and debris control
  • Handicapped bus lifts
  • Bus storage compartment doors
  • Tractor trailer doors
  • Freight car doors
  • Truck wheel well spray suppression
  • RV brush skirts for debris control

If you’d like to speak with one of our custom brush experts about your transportation and mass transit brush needs or ideas, please call our office. We’ve got just the brush for you or we will work with you to design your brush solution from concept to creation.

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