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Designed as grommet for wire management and or as brush seal for raised floors.

Brushes for Sealing Cable Openings
Brush Grommets, holders are available for single or double brushes
Stock # Length   Overall Trim Fill Dia.   Color Filling Channel
SK64059 72 X 1.812 0.010 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64060 72 X 1.812 0.020 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64061 72 X 2.312 0.010 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64062 72 X 2.312 0.020 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64063 72 X 3.312 0.010 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64064 72 X 3.312 0.020 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64065 72 X 4.312 0.014 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv
SK64066 72 X 4.312 0.020 Level Black Nylon #7 Galv



Our brush seals work to protect computer equipment from changing temperatures and dirt and dust particles, helping to maximize performance and minimize downtime. Anywhere cables enter or exit a computer room or data center, there is the potential for cooling air to escape and dirt and dust particles to enter. While your data center may be equipped with a suitable cooling system, improper containment can lead to hot spots and a significant loss of cooled air.

Precision Brush strip brush grommets prevent unwanted airflow leakage from your data center by sealing these entry and exit points. This increases the static pressure in the under-floor plenum, maximizing your cooling system output by ensuring that the controlled air stays within the data center. Precision Brush raised floor brush grommets are self-sealing and can be installed either before or after equipment is in place, so there is no need to modify any existing wiring.

Stock options are available, or you may design your own metal channel brushes for use as grommets.

Brush Seal


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