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Top 5 Unusual Brush Applications

Top 5 Unusual Brush Applications

Posted By Brian Pritchard
June 06, 2016 Category: Brushes, Brush Types

  People Use a Brush for THAT?!   You’ve seen paint brushes and grill brushes, snow brushes and hair brushes… but there is a whole world out there filled with people, items and devices that make use of just the right kind of brush to get their designated jobs done properly. Here are a few examples of some of the most unique brush applications we have seen here at Precision Brush!   Space: All sorts of equipment used by people and machines working in space require brushes, from cleaning brushes to door seal brushes, but did you know that NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity made use of a dust removal wire-bristle brush to clear off some of the areas it was examining?   ATMs: ATMs use antistatic brushes to protect the internal machinery from outside contaminants when you insert your debit card.   Surgery: Have you heard of “scrubbing in?” This is what surgeons must do before entering the surgery room. There are specialized surgical scrub brushes that are designed to remove dirt from the hands, even under the fingernails.   Casinos: Professional casino table brushes are used to clean the felted game tables, removing debris without scratching or damaging the felt.   Art: Right now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute… how is art a strange brush application?” Imagine this: We once created an artist brush for an artist who wanted the brush to be able to hold a great deal of paint so he could ma

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