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Custom Packing Leads to Better Quality Brushes

Custom Packing Leads to Better Quality Brushes

Posted By Precision Brush
October 25, 2017 Category: Brushes, Packaging, Precision Pride

  Shipping nationally and internationally can often lead to bruised packages and damaged goods. At Precision Brush, we ship everywhere and we custom pack our brushes to ensure the best quality for you.  Industrial brushes are everywhere and for good reason - they’re useful! We’ve been creating custom brushes since 1951 and over that time, we have heard thousands of ways our custom brushes have been used. Thanks to our team of dedicated engineers, we’ve been able to craft brushes for years across multiple industries, making our high-quality products available anywhere in the world. Shipping affects the product We deliver brushes nationally and overseas, and put as much time and care into their custom packaging as we do into their actual design. It’s no secret to us that shipping can take its toll on delicate brushes. One good drop or a misplacement under some heavier boxes could leave you with a bent or broken brush. The filaments could become distorted and, in many cases, irreparable, thus rendering the brush useless. We learned long ago that traditional shipping materials aren’t enough to protect our brushes. Our custom brushes vary too much in size, ranging anywhere from 12 feet long to less than an inch. The filaments alone could get up to almost a foot long! So, we take matters into our own hands.  Shipping can affect the product the customer receives, therefore, we see it as our responsibility to custom pack to ens

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