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57th Annual Golf Tournament Brings Top Brush Names to Cleveland

57th Annual Golf Outing for Brush Manufacturers | Precision Brush 57th Annual Golf Outing | Precision Brush Precision Brush among Top Brush Names in Cleveland, OH

This year, the 57th annual Victor F. Miller Golf Tournament welcomed brush manufacturers and suppliers from all across the world to Cleveland, OH. More than 65 representatives from the United States of America (USA) and other nations gathered at the Shaker Heights Country Club for the exciting event hosted by the Mill-Rose Company in honor of Victor F. Miller, the former president of the company. Precision Brush was among the many local attendees. 

Cleveland is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the USA experiencing an expedited growth lately. It is only fitting that the masterminds of the brush industry got together in this city to discuss further prospects and the twists and turns in the economy that are affecting the industry, before going off for a golf match.

Industries across the world use custom-made brushes for a variety of purposes. Custom brushes have an extensive number of applications that can always be tweaked and expanded as new methods and strategies arise.

While some of the leading brush manufacturers are suppliers skillfully maneuvered the golf balls towards the holes, others were amateurs; but all in all everyone had a pleasant time and vowed to return for another excursion of fun.

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