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Our Top 7 Strangest and Most Unique Brush Applications (#4 Is Out of This World)

When you think about brushes, you probably think of some of the common ones you see throughout your daily routine. Maybe your first thoughts are bristles of a broom or a pipe cleaner. Or a paint brush, toothbrush or make-up brush, but have you ever thought about Stranger Brush applications?

Precision Brush: Our Top 7 Strangest and Most Unique Brush Applications (#$ is out of this world)

Did You Know? Without brushes, Leonardo Da Vinci's $450,000,000 "Salvator Mundi" would have been a finger painting...and it probably wouldn't be worth as much as it is now. 

As a top brush manufacturer, we know about all the crazy uses you would never think about from a brush perspective. Everything is made of many parts to function properly and you want each piece down to the screws to be top-quality or it may fall apart. You don’t want that to happen or you may end up in the upside down. Trust us, brushes are all around you in the coolest, strangest places.

Today, we’re going to share 8 of our favorite strange and unique brush applications. You’ll learn about the different people, machines and environments that need brushes to function, as strange as they may be to you that brushes are a part of their process.

1) ATMs Use Anti-Static Brushes to Prevent Malfunctions

Ever wonder why you’re able to easily insert and detract your debit card from an ATM? Chances are that the machine’s card slot is treated with special anti-static brushes. This brush layer keeps bills from sticking together, prevents debris from entering the machine, and keeps up its operations without mistatkes. Other high end automated transaction machines may utilize similar brushes. These may include ticket machines for trains and buses, cash dispensing machines or even high-end vending machines.

2) Surgeons Scrub Up Before Surgery

It’s not a metaphor, it’s standard operating procedure! Brushes are used in surgery to hold tissue without damaging or pinching it when sutures are being sewn. It may be gross, but it helps saves lives. In order to sterilize before surgery, a surgeon must first meticulously scrub their hands, forearms and underneath their fingernails. Anyone who will be in the operating room must thoroughly scrub, with a special surgeon wash brush, before they can enter. Different brushes with niche uses can be found all over doctor offices and hospitals.

3) Card and Table Game Dealers at Casinos Brush Their Tables

With high rollers coming & going at all hours, it’s important to keep the casino clean and to stop cheaters in their tracks. One way to they keep the tables clean is with a table brush. The top of a casino card table is soft and is made this way to easily slide chips and deal cards. Using a table brush made for it, dealers keep these tables clean of dust and other junk, without harming the high-quality felt. Brushes are used in card shuffling and blackjack card shoes to keep the next card hidden and prevent card marking. These prevent cheaters from even getting the opportunity to try. 

4) NASA Couldn’t Get to Space Without Brushes

Do you know about the many types of brushes used in outer space?

  • Astronauts use cleaning brushes to maintain the integrity of their instruments.
  • Door seal brushes help to create an impenetrable barrier between the insides of a space station and the infinity of the universe.
  • When the spacecraft Curiosity went to Mars to gather data, the space rover used its onboard brush to sweep dust from the planet’s surface and collect samples.

5) Archaeologists Unearth History with Special Brushes

Special brushes are the essentials tools of archeology. Uncovering and discovering artifacts is a very delicate process. These priceless items are fragile and irreplaceable. They must be handled with extreme care. Archaeologists use brushes to gently clean the surface of the items they find. When an archaeology dig is particularly sensitive, they may even use a brush to dusts away dirt and unearth the artifact.

6) Drummers Use Steel Brushes For Jazzy Swing Notes

This isn’t a fancy way to describe the way they play - drummers literally use steel brushes when they play their instruments. There are several brush methods that a drummer can employ. They can be used to make a sweet “sweeping” sound that grooves across cymbals. Soft strokes on the snare drum can create a smooth tracing sound between accent notes. Along with jazz, the swing genre is known to employ brush strokes.

7) Scientists Use Special Brushes in The Lab

A spout brush is commonly used by scientists to clean test tubes and other glassware found in the laboratory. Beakers, flasks and tubes must all be properly cleaned and sterilized before and after each use. The brushes used in the lab may be made of nylon, metal or animal materials. Whatever its design, a brush is a standard tool for scientists in the laboratory.

Precision Brush manufacturers stock and custom brushes for all occasions. No matter what the application, common use or custom use, we can provide you with the brush you need. Read more about us and some of what we do on our blog. If you have any brush related needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to talking with you!

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