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Understanding Filament Thickness

Filament Measurement Reflects Brush Purposing

Every brush is built with a unique purpose in mind, and the filament that constitutes the brush itself can be made at a variety of thicknesses to match the end use. This measurement is called the filament diameter—the thickness of an individual piece of filament. Two main tools are used to take such small measurements: micrometers and calipers. A caliper makes use of two sliding scales with different spacings between their markings to take the measurement, while a micrometer has two jaws that close by way of a screw and translate the measurement to an attached meter.

The range of filaments for most brushes generally ranges from .003 – .05 of an inch. To get a better idea of what different filament sizes look and feel like, consider these familiar examples:

  • A standard soft toothbrush has filament that typically measures around .006 of an inch.
  • A typical paintbrush you would use to paint your house employs filaments measuring around .012 of an inch.
  • A snowbrush for cleaning snow from your car in wintertime uses filaments of about .018 of an inch.
  • A push broom used to sweep floors includes filaments measuring around .025 of an inch.

Check out our video on this topic to see these examples for yourself!


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