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57th Annual Golf Tournament Brings Top Brush Names to Cleveland

57th Annual Golf Tournament Brings Top Brush Names to Cleveland

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June 29, 2017 Category: General

This year, the 57th annual Victor F. Miller Golf Tournament welcomed brush manufacturers and suppliers from all across the world to Cleveland

A Brush With History

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May 16, 2017 Category: A Brush With History, ABMA 100th Anniversary

Credit to The City of Durango for the Video Recently the American Brush Manufacturers Association celebrated its 100th anniversary. With the help of the Durango Arts Centers David Carr, Maureen May and Sandra Butler wanted to create a piece of art to commemorate the occasion. After some thought they settled on a sculpture of a carousel in honor of all of the horse hair that has been such a part of brushes for so long. Once the design was settled on and the concepts were drawn out they researched the types of brushes made by the American Brush Manufactures hundreds of brush making companies. With hundreds of brush styles to choose from they set about the daunting task of laying out sketches of brush horses for their project. With the donations from business like Precision Brush and many others they had all the brushes they needed. Everything from antique brushes to paint brushes and brooms were donated to create this work of art. The team tried to use every single type of donated brush they were given. Even a car mop brush was used for a decorative tail for one of the horses. The next step was to work with the engineers to give the concept motion. The team set about to make a working platform for the carousel as well as armatures to bring the statues to life. Once that was complete the next task was to assemble the statues with brushes of all shapes and sizes types. The team set to building the sculpture and made sure that every type of brush that they were giv

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the American Brush Manufacturing Association

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the American Brush Manufacturing Association

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April 18, 2017 Category: General

The brush industry is in a bit of an upswing right now, which means that there is only one place that it can go: higher. Whether it’s making brushes for tools or household products, the industry is certainly seeing a wave of innovation and profitability. As globalization continues to drive the market, brush manufacturers are seeing much more competition these days. Overall, the industry looks solid, with the future seeming bright. One organization that is helping to drive this move forward is the American Brush Manufacturing Association (ABMA). Since its inception, the group has been committed to helping brush makers of all shapes and sizes succeed. In fact, this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the ABMA’s foundation, which is an incredible achievement in itself. We’ve come a long way from making brushes of animal hair and bristles, and the ABMA has been around to see such revolutions and innovations take place. So how is the ABMA celebrating its centennial? Well, by having a massive party and convention, of course. It’s rare to see an organization stick around for so long, especially when it comes to business, but the ABMA is stronger and more respected now than ever before. To help usher in the next century of progress, the group just had a huge festival in March to both celebrate the past and ring in the future. The event was held in none other than Orlando, Florida, where innovation and excitement fill the air. For three days industry

How Brushes Are Used in Industries Around the World

How Brushes Are Used in Industries Around the World

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March 14, 2017 Category: General

Almost every industry imaginable uses custom-made brushes for a variety of purposes. Within such fields as diverse as food preparation, maintenance, construction, and manufacturing, brushes of different shapes and various materials are essential. It’s an often-overlooked fact, but brushes manufactured by companies are used to create solutions for specific business needs. Custom brushes have an extensive number of applications that can always be tweaked and expanded as new methods and strategies arise. For example, businesses that need to apply a liquid or malleable product need custom brushes to do so. Brushes can be used as augers for moving a product, as well as for numerous types of cleaning: conveyor belts and systems, pans, glass, and various other surfaces. Because there are different fiber thicknesses and materials that can be used to make the brush, a custom brush can clean even the most delicate of objects. Businesses located outdoors can use brushes as a barrier for birds and pests, while they can also serve as cable guides and seals. Many others use brushes to close gaps around different types of doors (thereby keeping in the heat or cold and reducing electricity costs), as well as dampening noise, vibrations, or movements to maintain a quiet environment. Brushes can be used to direct air flow, aid with dust control, or fill gaps between moving surfaces. Within the food production and processing industry, they can assist with fluid dispensing, fresh prod

Learn How a Brush Helped Repair and Restore the Costa Concordia

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January 17, 2017 Category: Brush News

Do you remember the Costa Concordia? It was the Italian cruise liner that capsized and sank when it struck underwater rocks off the Tuscan coast in 2012.  It was restored with a painstaking process that required the use of special brushes. Take a look at how it was done. The brush The brush that was used to help with the repair and restoration of the Costa Concordia was a Twisted in Wire brush that had small abrasive balls that are permanently affixed to flexible filaments. This brush has a long history of having a variety of applications including automated metal finishing to maintenance and repair efforts. Repairing and restoring the ship The first step in repairing and restoring the ship was to make sure the vessel could not drift into deeper water. The hull was secured to the land with steel cables. Then, workers built a platform and placed it underwater to hold the ship in place. They then used hollow tanks that were filled with seawater, which would enable to ship to be pulled to a vertical position. Additional tanks were attached to the other side of the ship to create the buoyancy that allowed the ship to be towed to port. The brush’s job For this process to be successful, it was necessary to find a way to weld the heavy tanks to both sides of the ship. A tool that was capable of removing debris from the welds as they were created was needed. This tool would also need to be able to work with a hand-held drill. Ultimately, it was decided that the a b

Brush with Life: Precision Brush takes on the Burning Man

Brush with Life: Precision Brush takes on the Burning Man

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September 22, 2016 Category: , General

  If you ever find yourself in the Nevada desert between the end of August and the beginning of September, you may discover that you’re not alone. Deep in the Black Rock Desert, the festival Burning Man is held every year as a celebration of life, love, and creativity. Since its inception, the festival has only grown more and more popular as its themes of art, selflessness, and community pervade the world around us.  Everyone who attends is encouraged to contribute something to the event, and we can think of no more fitting way to lend a hand then with a brush. In addition to better janitorial services, artists and sculptors can make use of all our brushes to make some of the many installations that are part of the festival. There are brushes on RV’s to help keep the dust down as well as brushes used to mark art placement on the playa.  There have been giant brushes to mark public restrooms and countless uses of brushes on the amazing art that is displayed there.  One of the pieces this year was a giant wild boar, which seemed rather fitting since we make brushes with boars hair. Other pieces we noticed involved toothbrushes, scrubbing bubbles, and even a giant vacuum cleaner.  One of these days we would like to create a sculpture made entirely out of brushes. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas

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