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Author: Brian Pritchard

Understanding Filament Thickness

Posted By Brian Pritchard
August 09, 2016 Category: General

Filament Measurement Reflects Brush Purposing Every brush is built with a unique purpose in mind, and the filament that constitutes the brush itself can be made at a variety of thicknesses to match the end use. This measurement is called the filament diameter—the thickness of an individual piece of filament. Two main tools are used to take such small measurements: micrometers and calipers. A caliper makes use of two sliding scales with different spacings between their markings to take the measurement, while a micrometer has two jaws that close by way of a screw and translate the measurement to an attached meter. The range of filaments for most brushes generally ranges from .003 – .05 of an inch. To get a better idea of what different filament sizes look and feel like, consider these familiar examples: A standard soft toothbrush has filament that typically measures around .006 of an inch. A typical paintbrush you would use to paint your house employs filaments measuring around .012 of an inch. A snowbrush for cleaning snow from your car in wintertime uses filaments of about .018 of an inch. A push broom used to sweep floors includes filaments measuring around .025 of an inch. Check out our video on this topic to see these examples for yourself!   To learn more about American brush maker and supplier, Precision Brush, or to schedule a consultation with one of the company’s knowledgeable sales staff members, call us at 800-252-4747. We look f

Interbrush Trade Fair Returns to Germany

Interbrush Trade Fair Returns to Germany

Posted By Brian Pritchard
June 14, 2016 Category: General

  Precision Brush Travels to Europe for Industry Tradeshow   Every four years in the town of Freiburg in southwest Germany, the broom, brush, paint roller and mop industries come together to share ideas, new technologies and good company. The Interbrush tradeshow event attracts more than 7,500 industry leaders from around the globe.   Precision Brush President Jim Benjamin attended this year’s event along with more than 300 American brush-making manufacturers. The three-day event went from April 27 – 29 this year, and Benjamin participated as a board member for the American Brush Manufacturers Association, supporting their booth at the show and an after-party celebration on one of the event nights.   “It’s a networking opportunity where brush suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world can come together and meet other industry professionals,” shared Benjamin. “I got to connect with some old industry friends and meet some newcomers, as well.”   --   To learn more about Precision Brush or to schedule a consultation with one of the company’s knowledgeable sales staff members, call us at 800-252-4747. We look forward to supporting you with customized brush

Jim Benjamin Serves as President of Cleveland EO Chapter

Jim Benjamin Serves as President of Cleveland EO Chapter

Posted By Brian Pritchard
June 09, 2016 Category: General

Local Leader Helps Build Local and Worldwide Business Community   Cleveland, Ohio brush manufacturer Precision Brush was founded by Lloyd Benjamin in 1951. In 1987, his son Jim Benjamin started at the company and worked his way through sales and management until he became company President. These days, Jim works to build business connections with both local companies and those all over the world through his participation in EO, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.   EO’s purpose is to engage the world’s top entrepreneurs in learning and growing from interaction with each other, personally and professionally. It is an invitation-only group with the qualification that participating members must be the owner or founder of a business with a minimum of one million dollars in annual sales. The organization has 155 chapters spanning 48 countries and more than 11,000 members. Jim Benjamin is the President of the Cleveland, Ohio chapter.   Personal and Professional Growth   Jim Benjamin’s work in the local Cleveland EO chapter has him offering pertinent trainings and info sessions to local entrepreneurs at their monthly meetings. Topic examples include boosting Internet research skills, how to put together a strong sales team and a how-to for today’s best hiring practices. Additionally, Jim liaises with the city’s largest companies and banks, introducing his chapter to contacts such as the CEO of Sherwin Williams or the Pr

Top 5 Unusual Brush Applications

Top 5 Unusual Brush Applications

Posted By Brian Pritchard
June 06, 2016 Category: Brushes, Brush Types

  People Use a Brush for THAT?!   You’ve seen paint brushes and grill brushes, snow brushes and hair brushes… but there is a whole world out there filled with people, items and devices that make use of just the right kind of brush to get their designated jobs done properly. Here are a few examples of some of the most unique brush applications we have seen here at Precision Brush!   Space: All sorts of equipment used by people and machines working in space require brushes, from cleaning brushes to door seal brushes, but did you know that NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity made use of a dust removal wire-bristle brush to clear off some of the areas it was examining?   ATMs: ATMs use antistatic brushes to protect the internal machinery from outside contaminants when you insert your debit card.   Surgery: Have you heard of “scrubbing in?” This is what surgeons must do before entering the surgery room. There are specialized surgical scrub brushes that are designed to remove dirt from the hands, even under the fingernails.   Casinos: Professional casino table brushes are used to clean the felted game tables, removing debris without scratching or damaging the felt.   Art: Right now you might be thinking, “Wait a minute… how is art a strange brush application?” Imagine this: We once created an artist brush for an artist who wanted the brush to be able to hold a great deal of paint so he could ma

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